Day: June 16, 2020

Ramen is one of the most-loved noodle dishes in the world and the fact that it has its “instant” version serves as a quick fix for anyone who has cravings. Although instant ramen is commonly eaten on its own, it can even be more enjoyed when you upgrade it with some easy to find ingredients. […]
Frankie Pangilinan has been trending lately due to her calling out broadcaster Ben Tulfo after the latter belittled her stand against rape and victim-shaming. Since then, she gained a mixture of sympathy and praises, and while the iron is still hot, here are some things you might now know about Megastar Sharon Cuneta and Senator […]
Happy Pride Month! They say that art depicts life, and it’s the same with series and films. Some of us have no clue about life we don’t live or we haven’t lived. What is the best way to get that clue? Films and series. It may not exactly give you the whole picture, but you […]
When it comes to cleaning the house, there are two sides of the story — those who clean regularly, maybe every other day or at least once a week — and there are those who allot time for cleaning on a monthly basis or worse, only when visitors are coming. Regardless of the cleaning schedule, […]


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