Day: June 26, 2020

Jenna Marbles, one of YouTube’s most famous stars, just announced that she would be “moving on” from her channel indefinitely – potentially forever.  In her most recent video, Jenna said that people have been telling her to apologize for her old videos as they contain racist content. Back in 2011, she posted a video where […]
Not even the big businesses are spared. The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the paradigm of consumerism and cities upside down. The whole point of of cities was to get crowds together for collaborative work. Entertainment and luxuries are born out of thriving cities and since the lockdown, big businesses are not spared because of the […]
Many Japanese products are known for their high quality and skincare products are no exception. In fact, even before K-beauty became famous, there are a lot of Japanese skin care products out there that are well-loved all over the world. Have you ever wondered why Japanese women have flawless, youthful skin? It’s because they pay […]
Looking for the healthiest cooking oil may require more information than expected. It’s not only the type of cooking oil that matters but some external factors should also be considered. Oils have different qualities that may be better for certain uses. Whether it is for baking, frying, or mixing on a salad dressing can make […]


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