Day: June 27, 2020

Yoga can be daunting at first glance – but believe us when we say, yoga is for all! No, it’s not just about flexibility. Not matter what skill level, yoga allows you to explore the depths of self-awareness and both outer and inner strength. These trying times may test us all but we can rise […]
Aging, acne, and the sun’s harmful rays leave more than just visible damage on the skin. It’s time to invest in skin care that doesn’t just reduce signs of damage but prevents it too.  Introducing Vitapack’s multi-solution answer – Vitamin C E Ferulic Plus Hyaluronic Acid Serum! This concoction hits the spot on all your […]
Nothing is as fulfilling as a perfect burger bite packed with all the flavors you love! Stop daydreaming and start building the burger babe of your fantasy.  Three Guys Delican satisfy your craving for the wild west with their selection of meat-lovers bonanza and perfect pairings of sauces.  Assemble and experiment with classic and daring […]
We know you must miss the daily gym grind and we’ve got just the trick! Stay confidently strong at home with these insane full-gym experiences to choose from.  The Upper Deck Sports Center’s got all the fitness goods you can possibly need and more to achieve a satisfying shred.  Check out these #TUDWorkoutFromHome options: Are […]
Strong is the new sexy and there’s more than one way to get there. Strengthening doesn’t necessarily require heavy weights and complicated machines.  All you need is your bod and the mood to get your hips to groove. Stardanz Fitness Studio is where it’s at! Explore their set of sweat lovin’ classes you can do […]


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