Day: July 14, 2020

Discovering your power through yoga is beyond words can express – tapping into your physical and mental awareness makes practicing yoga unlike any other. Support your mindful habit-building by stocking up on more online classes today!  Tap further into your enlightenment with the yogis of Bliss Yoga. What’s exciting about yoga is that there’s more […]
Going plant-based is not only beneficial for your health but it is also the key to the environment’s future. Be part of the solution while exploring the untapped joys of going vegan!  The trick to attaining the ideal amount of nutrients per day is to consume a colorful plate of food. There’s more to the […]
We’ve seen all sorts of creativity during the lockdown – from simple trimming hacks, full-on short chops, to the classic when-boredom-strikes bangs (tempted and inspired by beloved K-Drama beauties, of course). But if you have hair concerns left untouched, find the time of day for a remedy. Here are our hand-picked hair solutions tried, tested, […]
Don’t let the quarantine put learning on pause. Develop your little one’s knack for the graceful art form of Ballet!  Maricar’s Dance Studio is now opening its virtual doors to online ballet classes. Whether you’re starting from zero or a pro, there’s a class for you to get your skills on-pointe!  Here’s how you can […]
Are your fitness friends and fellow workmates raving about indoor cycling non-stop? We don’t blame them. You may be wondering what the fuss is all about – it’s never too late to get into the ride game. And yup, you can confidently pedal away in the safety of your own home!  Answer Cyclehouse MNL’s call […]


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