Day: July 28, 2020

Now here’s a set of celebrities we should stan harder. A handful of local idols recently made headlines for their brave introspections and partiality to the plight of the masses, something that the entertainment industry isn’t known for, but badly needs right now. Perhaps the most consistently vocal of them has been Angel Locsin. Following […]
The thing with jokes is if they have to explain that it was just a joke, chances are, it wasn’t. Last July 21, the president made headlines anew for suggesting that people can disinfect their face masks by “drenching it in gasoline or diesel” so it can be reused. The next day, the health ministry’s […]
You might want to check the pages you’ve followed way back when because they might look slightly different. This month, some eagle-eyed netizens spotted a couple of political pages on Facebook which, as it turns out, didn’t start out as such. Upon digging through these pages’ history, these netizens discovered that Deputy Speaker LRay Villafuerte’s […]


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