Day: August 1, 2020

Feel like the country’s already forsaken and you just want to leave this world? Don’t worry, a lot of us feel the same way — about 1.7 million of us to be exact. To get people to be excited about the next-generation Perseverance Rover’s mission to Mars this year, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration […]
July 30 recorded one of the highest single-day rise in COVID-19 cases in the Philippines. It also marked the highest number of COVID-19 recoveries in one day, reaching up to 38,075. Because of this, the total COVID-19 recoveries are now at a whopping 65,000+, leaving us with a smaller number of active cases. Usually, this […]
When good friends Sebastian Zutant, Nathan Fisher, Nick Guglietta, and Anthony Alig opened a natural wine bar in Washington D.C. and called it “Barkada,” they did so to embody “a sense of friendship of bond between people” in their establishment.  Sadly, this isn’t the message that some Filipino-Americans abroad received. As a response, members of […]
As today’s top content creators compete to make the most exciting and eye-catching videos, one Indonesian man with nothing but a camera and two hours to spare swoops in and breaks all formula for YouTube fame by doing what? Literally nothing. Yep, absolutely and utterly nothing. Just sitting still, not moving a muscle, and staring […]


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