Day: August 8, 2020

Exploring local talent and finding top-shelf favorites – these are a few of my favorite things! Your current staples were once hidden gems, so go ahead and step out of the box. Today’s the day to discover more proudly Filipino-owned goods and save more with these limited deals! is your next go-to online bazaar, […]
Just when you think you’ve tried all the twists and flavors the addicting world of milk tea has to offer, you might want to save up more room in your stomach and try Chemistea’s special concoctions!  Wake up your inner ScienTeast and create your own drink! Start your experiment by choosing your base of either […]
Decorating your space is one of the few ways you can keep a creative mind inspired and express artistic identity. For all contemporary connoisseurs and minimalist folks, find the centerpiece that resonates here at Guava Sketches. Guava Sketches is a curated homeware and daily essentials shop, showcasing well-made contemporary items from artisans all over the […]
It’s never too late to take the sustainable road! With the increasing toll of climate change and scarcity of natural resources, brands are shifting towards a more innovative, ethical, and sustainable direction – and the beauty industry is no stranger to the green movement too.  Going green can be intimidating for newcomers, searching for alternatives […]
What’s it like to have tennis legend Rafa Nadal as your nonchalant practice partner? Well, for Miko Eala, brother of Filipina tennis player Alex Eala, it was a “HUUUUGE day for me yesterday as I got to hit with Rafa Nadal! If you listen closely you can hear me grunting haha….ang bigat ng bola “ […]


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