Day: August 14, 2020

A celebration isn’t complete when your favorite drinks are MIA. Say you wanna toast to a huge milestone or just celebrating the gift of today – don’t miss your shot, take some shots! So, raise your glass to same-day delivery and get a sweet hold of your old liquor friends down at Boozy!  From hard-hitting […]
Glass skin, soap brows, chemical exfoliants, and the list goes on – keeping up with what’s in is a tad exhausting. If you’re not one to jump into seasonal trends or just simply looking for “the one”, it’s time you enter the world of J-Beauty.  The Japanese Beauty philosophy is simple. Baby soft touch, a […]
For months, we all have been embracing the lockdown look – we can tell from just being in Zoom meetings! If you’ve been itching to get your hair back to its best shape, it’s time to take a trip to your trusty bros at Bruno’s Barbers.  Rocking a newfound hairstyle or a full mustache + […]
We won’t know for sure when we’ll get back to pouring our hearts out in bars. What we do know is that we can still have a blast while social distancing! Through game nights and watch parties, spend Friday nights in with your best buds online and get your dynamic back with a little bit […]
Why Listen to Podcasts?Need a distraction while doing a chore or workout you hate? Podcasts. Love digital entertainment, but your eyes are strained from all that screen time? Podcasts. Want to discover new things and stories but don’t have the energy to read? Podcasts!  Podcasts are the best way to optimize your time while doing […]


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