Day: August 20, 2020

Cara nak bersihkan bekas dengan kesan degil nak mampus. #TikTokGuru #TikTokJez pic.twitter.com/afS1tW6LTC – Ajez 🇲🇾 (@ajezzzzzzz) August 2, 2020 If you wash dishes, you will definitely agree that the worst part would be navigating your plastic containers containing greasy residue from stored food. But guess what? This Malaysian Tiktoker shared an amazing life hack that […]
The Philippines has the longest COVID-19 lockdown in the whole world. Even with the easing of quarantine restrictions, staying home is still preferred due to the rising cases in the country. This can make you feel restless and trapped in your own space so if you want to change up your home, one way to […]