Day: August 21, 2020

At the height of the pandemic, you might have seen viral clips on Facebook about people in the United States protesting mandatory mask-wearing protocols and weighed on how ridiculous, if not perilous, their arguments sounded. Then, last August 15, photos circulated on the same, this time depicting a famous lawyer with a face mask taped […]
Even while in the middle of the pandemic, work to rehabilitate the previously dilapidated Lagusnilad persists, and it looks like it’s going to be open to the public by end of August. This was the announcement of Manila’s local government through its public information office chief Julius Leonen. Despite its early reveal, the Manila LGU […]
These past few days, the Depression Anxiety Stress Scale, a psychological self-assessment tool, has been going viral. Many people have been posting their results on social media, starting the online discourse surrounding self-diagnosing, including experts and mental health organizations who are pointing out how harmful it can be. It’s a tricky discussion to have with […]


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