Day: September 5, 2020

The final week of August saw the inauguration of the newly-renovated Lagusnilad Underpass in the city of Manila. The result of a nine-month rehabilitation project, Lagusnilad now boasts colorful murals, redesigned walkways, interactive information desks, and sleek new signs that employ the Philippines’ own writing script, Baybayin.  Reactions from netizens varied and sounded off in […]
When the whole nation was placed under strict lockdown protocols, nobody could have ever predicted the toll that prolonged isolation would take on our social relationships. Now, as we slowly revert to a more relaxed quarantine classification, people are starting to meet up again, either with partners they’ve had since before the pandemic, or the […]
This past week, we saw a swarm of Filipinos raiding the Facebook page of Harvard University, occupying the comments section and acting like they actually attended the Ivy League school. We pretended to have attended classes, hung out on campus grounds, and even responded to actual Harvard students in some of the school’s Facebook posts:  […]
As the pandemic continues to pressure us to stay indoors, we find ourselves downloading mobile banking applications and opting for online transactions to fulfill our daily transactions.  With all their layers of security, these apps seem pretty dependable at first. That is, until scammers use these very defenses to get our private information and scam […]


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