Day: September 7, 2020

In the Philippines, owning a credit card is a feat usually associated with the mature and financially stable. That’s why getting one as early in life as possible may sound unwise, but that’s actually a sound and even crucial advice. Once you hit 21, applying for your own credit card opens up a world of […]
Making the conscious effort to take the sustainable route is not an overnight process. It involves unlearning wasteful everyday habits and letting go of an excessive lifestyle. When it comes to clothing, taking care of pieces you already own is the best, most mindful sustainability practice out there. Investing and supporting slow fashion is up […]
Whether you are making a new plant stand for your precious succulents or refurbishing your tired and boring wall, you’ll need a go-to shop for all your home improvement supplies. Good thing, Handyman lets you shop online even during the community quarantine. With over a hundred branches nationwide, you can easily find a Handyman store […]
Working from home in your sleep wear is a big NO. Get out of your sleepy state of mind and pull yourself out of those pajamas! Keep your mind and body in best shape even while working with the right active wear. When you’re squeezing in some squats and stretches in between Zoom meetings, be […]
People respond to stress and anxiety in different ways. During this pandemic, a lot of us are stuck at home so one popular way of coping is through online retail therapy. From big e-commerce sites like Lazada and Shopee to smaller Instagram shops that sell all kinds of goodies, we just can’t help but order […]


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