Day: September 10, 2020

Gyms may be reopening, but with the Philippines still having a high number of active COVID cases, is it really that safe? It’s probably best to continue staying clear of any public space that isn’t for your necessary errands, especially places where you’ll be using the same equipment as other people.  That doesn’t mean you […]
If you’ve watched BLACKPINK’s “Ice Cream” music video, you’ve probably seen the adorable crochet outfits they wore. The colorful crochet outfits are hard to miss, and if you’ve been wanting the same pair, wait no longer because you can order it online!  ALSO READ: BLACKPINK Breaks K-Pop Girl Group Record with “Ice Cream” Shop Fluffy, […]
One of the pandemic norms everyone has needed to get used to is wearing face masks every time we go outside. It’s the least we can do to protect ourselves and each other. However, a concern people have been bringing up is experiencing breakouts due to the skin irritation masks can cause. However, despite this […]
Masanori Sugiura, the owner of sushi restaurant ‘Imazushi’ in Japan, is both a chef and a bodybuilder. Seeing the economic impact of COVID-19 on his bodybuilder friends, he decided to give them work through his restaurant’s new service ‘Delivery Macho’. To avail of this service, customers have to order a minimum of 7000 yen (about […]


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