Day: September 17, 2020

When the government announced they would be reducing the minimum required distance for physical distancing, a panel of medical experts was quick to call this move impulsive, and instead advocated for the compliance with guidelines for safe commuting, which they dubbed the “seven commandments” for commuters. Just in case anyone needs proof that this is […]
As the pandemic continues to batter businesses worldwide, it claims the life of another long-time favorite. This week, local comic book store and hobby center Comic Quest announced on their Facebook page that, due to the continued pressure and global disruption in distribution, they would be ceasing operations permanently. As soon as they put up […]
When world-famous architect Shigeru Ban pitched the idea of installing transparent public toilets across Tokyo parks, any investor would be mortified immediately, until he explained the reason behind. It’s all about assurance, according to Ban, which these transparent bathroom walls deal with deftly — you can safely survey both cleanliness and occupancy before you even […]
And she doesn’t regret a second of it; in fact, freelance makeup artist Phoebe Leonor is living her best life on the road. Considering it wasn’t a typical choice of residence, Phoebe knew there’d be struggles at first, but she loved the van so she just kept at it. In her YouTube channel, @phoebekhins, she […]


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