Day: October 5, 2020

Running your business during the pandemic weighs plenty of risk in both the growth of your assets and the health of your employees. For businesses whose products and services are essential, the practice of social distancing demands for systems to adapt along the new normal – learning how to adapt to digital mediums and doubled […]
One of the biggest changes this year is perhaps working remotely. Our workspace has become the living room/bedroom and sometimes it can get difficult to separate the personal from work if your space isn’t a suitable environment. As we spend time at home, we’re more aware of the environment that we’re in. Personalizing your space […]
McDonalds has something new to offer and it’s not a part of their menu. The fast food chain reopened their party rooms and turned it into distance learning ‘classrooms.’ Since the pandemic, the country has shifted to distance learning this school year and several students and teachers admitted that they have encountered technical difficulties. Social […]
An old vlog of former actress Michelle Madrigal and her husband Troy Woolfolk resurfaced on the internet after netizens found out that they have met on the mobile dating app Tinder. “The movie scenario was Troy was running at the park with his dog and I basically started talking to him, asking about his dog […]


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