Day: October 29, 2020

Remember the days when you’d keep a diary where you’d write down your personal thoughts and innermost secrets? Most of us have fallen out of practice or never kept one to begin with. With technology, it doesn’t make sense to carry around a journal, right? Wrong. These days, journaling has become a popular form of […]
Think Among Us, but with higher stakes and meaner ways to foster (or ruin?) your friendships. From the makers of popular escape room games come these two virtual game rooms to enjoy the scary season from the dark corners of your bedroom. On October 31, Mystery Manila, in partnership with Common Thread, brings to fans its […]
Even curfews cant stop us from exploring the most mysterious parts of Manila’s Intramuros at night. That’s because we can go on a virtual tour from the comforts of our home: One Night in Intramuros, a free virtual tour courtesy of tour group WanderManila, will take audiences through the scariest spots inside the Walled City.  Listen to […]
This question has always sparked debates in every corner of the Internet: what is the scariest movie ever? Every time, people would have varying answers according to their subjective taste — from suspenseful psychological thrillers to downright devilish horror flicks — yet nothing has ever really been decided convincingly. That is, until now. Thanks to […]


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