Day: October 30, 2020

If these won’t make you wear masks, we have no idea what will. Just like towards any other apparel, marketers have begun tapping into face masks for the opportunity to promote their brand. First, they went after the mask’s outward style and design, and when they realized people were breathing their own bad breaths beneath […]
As the country enters into eased quarantine restrictions, so do different transport sectors who can now ply metropolitan streets with much more allowance. With more public utility vehicles going back to business, Pasig takes part in yet another transport solution that meets the demands of both commuters and operators.  That solution is the new MyTODA, […]
Our bodies may have already adjusted to the new normal, but we can’t deny the toll our minds have taken after being deprived of any artistic and cultural stimulus. Answering modules and working from home is draining, and we can’t go anywhere to smell the figurative flowers and ease our brains. In comes the National […]


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