Day: November 6, 2020

Whether you heard it first from your niece or nephew’s birthday party, from the social media challenge that even Ellen DeGeneres joined in on, or from your young cousin watching on their mom’s iPad, you can’t deny it: Baby Shark has dominated your eardrums for a brief yet miserable period of your life. Now, the catchy kids’ […]
They say that safety isn’t a warning device but a state of mind. If that’s true, then it probably reflects in this recent study showing the Philippines as one of the safest countries in the world.  According to the 2020 Global Law and Order Report conducted by Washington D.C.-based analytics firm, Gallup, the Philippines is […]
Well, we’re right about one thing — it’s just technically a trick. Because while the PlayStation 5 doesn’t come out until next week, people seem to have already copped the much-awaited gaming console, through Instagram at least. Thanks to Instagram user @ARoneverything, the AR filter that conjures a fake PS5 box on the surface in front […]
Miss Earth Philippines 2020 Roxanne Baeyens stunned her online followers after sharing her costumed inspired by Rafaela, a character from the acclaimed mobile game ‘Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’. Although she has not played the game, Baeyens shared that she read about the character and understood why people grew fond of Rafaela. “She is sent by […]


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