Day: November 9, 2020

Viewers were touched by Disney’s latest Christmas video which also showed Filipino traditions. The three-minute video started in the 1940s featuring a city full of star-shaped lanterns or parol in a town similar to Vigan, Ilocos Norte. A young woman welcomed her father and did a ‘mano‘, a traditional way of showing respect to the […]
Shops and other establishments are gradually getting back to business and one cafe in Intramuros is getting the attention of the netizens for its tranquil and romantic ambiance. La Cathedral Cafe is located just behind the Manila Cathedral church in Intramuros and it’s giving us an al fresco European dining vibes. The cafe describes their […]
James Bond is a household name. Even if you’re not particularly a fan, chances are that you know all the basics about the British secret agent, mostly because the franchise consists of several books and adaptations that never escape the public’s attention. In fact, the upcoming movie, No Time to Die, will be the 25th one […]
The best part about the MMFF this year? The streaming rates for the festival films are an absolute steal! For its 46th edition, the Metro Manila Film Festival braves the new normal by moving from the silver screens to smaller screens. That’s right — this year, the MMFF will be fully online. In partnership with […]
If you’ve ever wondered what those dangling devices on a handful of people’s necks — including the president’s — are, those are wearable personal air purifiers. If you’ve ever wondered what the deal is with these dangling devices, they’re meant to purify the air around us to keep a possible COVID-19 infection at bay. Now, […]


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