Day: November 25, 2020

Coffee lovers definitely know that one of La Union’s go-to café is El Union and its Horchata is one of its best-sellers. If you’ve been missing the taste of this coffee, then here’s some good news! You can now order via Type A Coffee! They have two variants: the dairy (original) and vegan. The dairy […]
Baguio City is not only known for its chill weather and ambiance but also for the tasty and aromatic coffees served at well-loved cafes like Yagam.  Cafe Yagam closed their physical store last September due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But good news to their loyal customers! They’re now back online selling Yagam Coffee products from […]
This independent movie is also Eddie Garcia’s last feature project before his untimely passing, so watching this is one way of honoring his legacy. After capturing a couple of awards in the recently-concluded Gawad Urian Awards last November 10, critically-acclaimed film Kalel, 15 is now set to land on Netflix this December 9.  It tells the story […]
When you think of ice cream, you often think of vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry, but do you think of soy sauce just as often too? Probably not, at least until after you read this. That’s because for premium handcrafted ice cream brand Kurimu, soy sauce, or shoyu, is one of the ingredients for their bestselling flavor, Shoyu Caramel! Boasting […]


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