Day: December 12, 2020

If only it were that easy. This looks at a recent tweet posted by Palestinian content creator Nas Daily, or Nuseir Yassin in real life, about the windfalls of working for the government: “So many people hate government that smart people went to private sector and average people ended up in government. So now, the average […]
Yep, Tinder is keeping an eye on how you’re all flirting, so if you’re guilty of dating app damoves, feel free to look away.  Otherwise, you’ll find the results of Tinder’s 2020 Year In Swipe to be an interesting look at how online dating shifted during a global health crisis. Most of what comprised Tinder’s top trends among […]
With the energy that’s comparable to Taylor Swift’s enviable productivity this year, Starbucks Philippines can’t seem to stop blessing us with all the cool merchandise and much-awaited collaborations to cap off 2020. Just this December, Starbucks Philippines has already unveiled three splendid product lines just in time for the gift-giving festivities to kick off. First off, the Black […]


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