Day: December 30, 2020

As if the world hasn’t had the worst year yet, the coronavirus outdoes itself by literally going global and causing the first recorded case where we least expect it: in Antarctica. That’s right — according to Newsweek, Antarctica officially becomes the seventh continent to feel the brunt of COVID-19 as 36 new infections have been recorded among […]
Looks like motorists are ending 2020 in a good mood, because Skyway Stage 3 is also toll-free for a month! San Miguel Corporation, the company behind the Skyway Stage 3 project, announced on Monday that four lanes of the newly-christened expressway will be passable to motorists starting Tuesday, December 29. They will also be able to drive through free […]
Following its reopening last September, Baguio’s tourism business is back in full swing, and it’s just apt that everybody gets the chance to visit the top tourist destination (safely, of course!). This is why it comes as great news to the wanderlusts out there that Victory Liner has resumed its route from Metro Manila to Baguio and […]
To the rude aunts and uncles of every family reunion ever, we hope you’re listening. The holidays may be over and most family gatherings may have been kept from happening, but a few local celebrities, namely Janela Salvador and Jennylyn Mercado, are still fuming over the “toxic Filipino trait” that is body-shaming, or relatives giving unsolicited […]
The last day of the year is almost upon us, and for avid social media users, that usually means one thing: 2020’s #EssayWritingContest. Since the advent of social media, people have taken advantage of this annual unofficial custom to revisit their best moments, purge their feelings, and express hope for the new year. For obvious reasons, […]


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