Day: January 18, 2021

For the second season of Selena + Chef, the chart-topping pop artist tries her hand at one of the most polarizing yet generally beloved Filipino dishes: the adobo. In the preview aired by HBO Max where the unscripted cooking show streams, Selena Gomez is seen preparing adobo with the help of Filipino-American celebrity chef Jordan Andino. Andino is the […]
If you’ve ridden the MRT-3 lately, you’d know that crowds tend to pile up in stations quickly because everyone has to line up and fill out the contact tracing form. Not counting the queues, you’re also made to write with the pen that everyone else has used, on the logbook that everyone else has touched. […]
Filipinos love K-dramas. Our local channels dub it in Tagalog while Netflix has a dedicated page for it under the TV Shows category. Because of this, most of us are probably familiar with the clichés and character stereotypes that a lot of K-dramas like to reuse: rich guy, poor girl; girl pretending to be a […]


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