Day: January 19, 2021 will help you choose and live healthily this year with their food products Aside from daily exercise, one way you can ensure good health is through the food you eat. Don’t compromise on your health by consuming food that will do you no good. And to make sure that you are eating healthily, […]
Whether it’s served during birthday parties or casually sold on the street, the Filipino version of the lumpia is the food to die for. Our love for the fried foodstuff has been expressed in so many ways (memes included) but perhaps English actress Florence Pugh’s expression is the most intimate one yet. Pugh, who starred in films such as Midsommar […]
Imagine if your mom found out that you forgot to bring home this baunan from school. We’re talking about Heart Evangelista’s posh and pricey Prada lunch box, which costs a whopping PhP25,900. By now, everybody knows about Heart Evangelista’s affinity towards all things chic, so much so that even her daily items are as dainty as they could be (read: Gucci […]


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