Day: January 26, 2021

Now that we know for sure that Lady Whistledown is coming back for a second season, all we can do is wait and enjoy all things “Bridgerton” we have at the moment–be it the books, series, or soundtrack. You can also try watching other shows like “Gossip Girl,” “The Crown,” and “Outlander” if you’re a […]
It’s tough to admit, but during this quarantine, many of us have felt the loneliness of staying indoors 24/7. Without our endless forms of entertainment (cinemas, restaurants, outdoor sports, and bars!), we’ve been left to fend for ourselves in the confines of the four walls of our homes. But this shouldn’t discourage us from attempting […]
Dunkin’ Philippines welcomed the new year by introducing an exciting addition to their menu: Dunkin’ Twists that come in three classic flavors! A new twist On New Year’s Day, Dunkin’ finally revealed the product they have been teasing for days on their social media accounts. Donut lovers can now purchase the twists in Chocolate, Strawberry, […]


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