Day: January 27, 2021

Another celebrity couple has tied the knot! Rocco Nacino married his fiancée, Melissa Gohing, aboard a ship on January 21, 2021. Despite the weather forecast of a 90% chance of rain on their wedding day, the ceremony pushed through. They were blessed with good weather and everything fell into place. Photo: Instagram/nacinorocco The bride described […]
Spicy and cold? No, we’re not talking about mint, but McDonald’s China’s recent dessert menu item: the Spicy Chili Oil Ice Cream. Limited edition McDonald’s China released the intriguing flavor in January 2021 as part of the “members-only creative menu.” But since it’s a limited edition item, it’s no longer on the menu and was […]
As the pandemic tightens its grip on an already incapacitated nation, privilege still plays a part in who gets to breach quarantine protocols, and who gets to bear the brunt for them. This was the general sentiment of social media users when they called out TV host and celebrity Raymond Gutierrez after he hosted his 37th […]
Last weekend, Larry King passed away at age 87. His death was announced on his Twitter account by Ora Media, the network that King launched back in 2012. Whether or not you followed his career, you’re probably familiar with this easygoing and unconventional interviewer who was always hunched over his desk in that iconic glasses-and-suspenders […]
In a recently released joint statement, Metro Manila schools Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University, Far Eastern University, and University of Santo Tomas denied claims that their campuses are being used as NPA recruitment sites. The statement was released following a comment made by Lieutenant General Antonio Parlade Jr., who is currently the […]


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