Day: January 28, 2021

Lots of Korean celebrities stand tall at 6 feet or more, which makes us wonder: How do they appear in the same frame with people who aren’t as tall as they are? It turns out, they do what is pegged as “Korean Manner Legs,” which is stretching one’s legs sideways or standing with a wider […]
Remember two months ago, when we first saw RC Cola’s commercial featuring a boy with four glasses on his back? American TV Host Ellen DeGeneres just saw it too, and all we can say is, “same.” Unpredictable commercials During one segment in The Ellen DeGeneres Show called “Ellen and tWitch Guess What’s Going to Happen […]
An iconic Japanese brand meets an iconic French brand! Carry one of your favorite games (or anime series) everywhere you go: Pokémon is now available in luxury bag form with the release of the Longchamp x Pokémon Collection. Pokémon Collection The French luxury brand’s playful new collection includes backpacks, totes, shoulder bags, fanny packs, pouches, […]
Although vacuums all serve the same function, choosing one that would suit your needs can be difficult especially if it’s your first time buying one. Hopefully, this list will help you narrow down your choices.
In recent weeks, social media went ballistic over these Zip Tie-inspired bracelets that sold at $588 or over P28,000.  If you thought that was bonkers, wait until you discover that there’s also a safety pin link bracelet, and the price tag is equally mind-blowing, as it sells at $708 or a little over P34,000! BRB, just letting our bank accounts […]


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