Day: February 2, 2021

With the price of basic necessities on the rise and paramountly increasing job insecurity, it can be challenging to make ends meet, and afford a comfortable lifestyle. Even if you do have a well paid full-time job, there’s nothing wrong with making extra money in order to finance the vacation you’ve always wanted to go […]
R&B singer-songwriter Kyla opened up about her anxiety and the reason why she recently left the world of social media, even for just a few days.  “I deleted my IG and FB 3 days ago. I felt like it was adding to my anxiety,” she said. Social media diet Kyla admitted that what caused her […]
Seven years since its opening, “Ella and the Blackbird” had its last day of operations on January 31, 2021. This coffee shop located near Katipunan Avenue was known for its cozy atmosphere, delicious food, and hand-crafted coffee. Time to go Ella and the Blackbird was a beloved café that served its customers drinks such as […]
Anime can be a daunting new TV show genre to enter into because of the literal thousands of series there are to choose from. You’ve probably heard of classics like Naruto and Hunter x Hunter and have had anime aficionados declare, “You just have to watch it!” But long-running shows with hundreds of episodes take […]


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