Day: February 20, 2021

Levi’s, I choose you! Pokémon’s 25th anniversary isn’t until next week, but fans are already getting a treat through the many exciting collaborations that the legendary Nintendo game has landed in the last couple of months.  The latest of these much-awaited collabs is with none other than classic denim brand, Levi’s, and you can bet that […]
Buying cheap Cordillera-woven fabrics may help your wallet, but it’s not helping our local weavers continue their time-tested tradition. This is the issue that weaving industries and textile shops in Baguio are currently facing as the market gets inundated by counterfeit fabrics shipped from China.  Made with cut-rate textiles and woven by machines, these knockoffs are […]
If you were captivated by all the enchanting scenes from the anime films made by Japanese animation house Studio Ghibli, then you can just imagine how enchanted they would look in real life. Luckily, you won’t have to imagine for too long. That’s because Ghibli Park, the much-awaited theme park featuring attractions based on the studio’s timeless […]
Think about how much money you’ve lost just by throwing away perfectly edible things. By reducing food waste, you’re being economical and working towards a sustainable future.
Japan stands as one of the most technologically advanced and culturally significant countries in the world. The nation has been known to champion efficiency in an evolving environment while also remaining a hub for extremely unique fashion and style. For those who have visited, many agree that there is a certain magic that resides in […]


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