Day: March 3, 2021

Summer is around the corner and we’re ready to spend it…taking pics inside! Though we can’t necessarily be out and about as we usually would during the summer holidays, we can pretend to do so by dressing up and taking cute pictures for the ‘gram. If you’re a little stuck on what to wear, here […]
Fans of Pixar’s short animated features can now watch “Float,” the studio’s first short that featured characters of Filipino descent, on YouTube.  “Float” tells the story of a Filipino-American father who desperately tries to keep his unusually floating son out of people’s sight.  The short, directed by Filipino-American animator Bobby Rubio, was released by Pixar on Saturday in the […]
Wishing you could fly to Japan right now and walk through its streets lined with beautiful cherry blossoms? Although we can’t go to our dream destinations at the moment, there are still many ways for us to enjoy things from places we wish we were in right now–take the Starbucks Cherry Blossom Collection 2021 for […]
If you want to wear words that matter to you on your wrist (that’s not as permanent as a tattoo!) or send a loved one a secret message, then Memooi’s got you covered. Local jewelry and accessories shop Memooi has a Morse Code collection, which includes “dainty and minimalist style bracelets with hidden messages.” Photos: […]
Recently in the United States, the rise in Asian-targeted hate crimes has rapidly increased. Late last month, an 84-year old Thai man was killed after footage showed him being knocked to the ground by a random assailant. Just a week later, a Filipino-American man was slashed in the face during a subway ride in New […]


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