Day: March 4, 2021

We’ve all been there. You get so caught up with all the things that you find yourself rushing to primp yourself before going out. You’re pressed for time and you look in the mirror, then gasp! You haven’t fixed your eyebrows (kilay) yet.  Before you turn in the towel and just grab a pair of […]
For all friends and lovers out there looking for a fun and safe way to hang out this summer, we’ve got you! Hanging out doesn’t have to mean going outside; you can have fun and enjoy summer right where you are. Take a look at our suggestions for some fun summer date ideas. Have an […]
Do you know Bretman Rock better than his sister Princess Mae, cousin/assistant Miss Kay, and best friend Larry? Here are random facts about MTV Following's newest star.
It’s not a secret that many of us suffer from toxic family members. Asian culture and traditions specifically dictate always deferring to and offering respect to elders. That’s why if some of us have problems with the way we are treated within our family, it can be hard to speak out or even express negative […]


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