Day: March 7, 2021

As we near the first anniversary of our seemingly never-ending quarantine, it might be fun to take a look back and see how far we’ve come. From all the baking and cooking trends of yesterday, to the music and TV shows of the past — here’s a quick rundown of all the (early) quarantine trends […]
It feels like more and more superhero movies are being announced every day, and one of the latest additions is another feature about the face of DC: Superman. Last week, it was confirmed that a Superman reboot is currently in the works.  Since then, there has still been no casting news or any clarifications of […]
The last few weeks saw social media echoing in cheers as NASA’s Perseverance rover made a historic landing on Mars after almost seven months of galactic travel. Proof of Perseverance touching down came by way of crystal-clear photos showing the surface of the Red Planet.  We stared both in awe and in wonder: what would it be like to roam […]
Cherry blossom season is here! While we still can’t fly over to Japan and join the Hanami festivals, there are places you can visit around the Metro that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a portal to the Land of the Rising Sun. If you love flowers, milk tea, and all things pink, […]
Eating a serving of fruits and vegetables can be hard if you’re not particularly keen on eating them. It can also be a hassle to find ways to include them in your meals by way of cooking. While salads are definitely an option, not everyone can stomach eating them on the daily.  This is where […]


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