Day: March 10, 2021

Recently, online e-commerce site Amazon tried to change its logo and the Internet went wild with it. If you recall, the previous Amazon logo was just the text “amazon” in lowercase letters with an arrow hanging under it, and a shopping cart waiting underneath that. Simple enough, right? In an effort to get with the […]
If you ever needed some chill music to focus on working, studying, or just relaxing, chances are you’ve turned to our Queen of Concentration, Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Radio Beats Girl. With her never-ending notebook, she has stood as a symbol of motivation through our moments of pressure. And now, thanks to Picrew, we can follow the footsteps of […]
Flower Ranch, a dainty shop located in Mandaluyong City, is the perfect place for chill afternoons, future coffee dates, and flower hunts. What started as a small neighborhood flower shop turned into something more after an inspiring trip abroad–aside from flowers and glass goods, you can now also get coffee, iced drinks, and cookies in […]


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