Day: March 25, 2021

TRIGGER WARNING: Will contain images with closely packed holes and patterns Phobias, if you recall, are extreme or irrational fears to something. We know about arachnophobia, the fear of spiders, and claustrophobia, the fear of small spaces, but have you ever heard of trypophobia? Trypophobia is the fear or disgust of closely packed holes, and […]
Bandai has captured the hearts of OG Yu-Gi-Oh fans around the world with their recent announcement to release an official Yu-Gi-Oh Millennium Puzzle kit. The toy maker giant is planning to come out with a 33-piece Millennium Puzzle model courtesy of Ultimagear, its new brand of toy models. True to the heart of the show, […]
Feeling the heat lately? Unfortunately, going on a summer getaway might not be possible or even safe for that matter, so it would be best to stay at home as much as possible. While you can turn on your air conditioner to keep yourself cool and comfortable, having it turned on all day can be […]
For those of us who had the pleasure of growing up with Studio Ghibli films, we know that every film has its own special charm. From the depths of an unknown spiritual world to the wide plains of the countryside, Studio Ghibli films take us on an unforgettable journey every time. If you’re feeling a […]


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