Day: March 29, 2021

Fans of the hit video game series, Kingdom Hearts, have been sounding the alarms on the Internet in preparation for the game’s 19th anniversary. First released on March 28, 2002 by video game holding company Square Enix, Kingdom Hearts fused the worlds of Final Fantasy and Disney together in an unprecedented mash-up that had protagonists […]
When you’ve got a lot going in your life, it’s so easy to forget to eat especially if you have to cook and prepare your own meals. While delivery services will always be there for you, it can be so expensive to rely on take out all the time.  If it’s your busy season and […]
For the third year in a row, local fine dining spot Toyo Eatery has been included in the 2021 edition of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list. It finished at number 49, making it the only Philippine restaurant to make it to the top 50.  Since opening shop in 2016, Toyo Eatery has snagged the highest spot for any Filipino […]


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