Day: April 1, 2021

The ongoing pandemic can be tough on anyone. Some people may manage the ongoing crisis better than others, but it’s perfectly normal to feel stressed and helpless. As the number of cases continues to rise in the country, a lot of people tend to feel unmotivated and fatigued. That’s why when you see your friend […]
Even prior to the pandemic, digital marketing has become an essential tool for a lot of businesses to connect with their target market. Enter a global pandemic, and companies have become more reliant on their digital marketing efforts to help attain their business goals. According to Entrepreneur Magazine though, adopting the right digital strategy is […]
If one of your childhood dreams was to become a rockstar, then this one’s for you! The “Hannah Montana” sitcom, which just celebrated its 15th anniversary, recently joined Twitter and Instagram and posted a way for fans to get their “license to rock.” Presenting: the Hannah Montana Rockstar ID Generator! Photo: Instagram/hannahmontana Fans of “Hannah […]
Years of drinking soda, coffee, alcohol, smoking, and just plain eating can gradually break down the outer enamel on your teeth and reveal the naturally yellow dentin layer underneath. While it’s not particularly harmful, it isn’t appealing either. Thankfully, sparkling white teeth can be achieved through natural remedies, as opposed to expensive whitening sessions with […]
Back pain can come as a result of age, bad posture, or continuous stress on your back area. Whatever the reason, it happens and it happens to most of us. Surprisingly, a lot of younger people are reporting back pain in their early to mid-twenties, which can tell a lot about how our lifestyle affects […]


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