Day: April 13, 2021

Bea Alonzo said she’s “open to falling in love again.” The 33-year-old actress has been linked for months now to Dominic Roque, but the two have neither confirmed nor denied their relationship status before. Dominic was present at Bea’s birthday party in 2019 and dedicated another Instagram post for her birthday in 2020. The two […]
Like it or not, we live in a do-it-yourself career development era. Companies don’t invest in their employees’ formal training as much as before. Unfortunately, this leads to skill gaps and blind spots among employees, which can get in the way of their career development, and ultimately, organization ineffectiveness:  However, you can take matters into […]
While there’s nothing wrong with living in the moment, especially amid the uncertainties of a global pandemic, there is a priceless sense of freedom when you don’t have to worry too much about your future.  Whether your goal is to buy a house, save up for a lavish trip, or a hefty retirement fund, you […]
Many celebrity deaths had the world mourning in 2020. One of them was the passing of Naya Rivera, who everyone got to know as Santana Lopez on Glee. So, it was heartwarming to see the Glee cast get together again last week at the GLAAD Media Awards and honor her memory.  The tribute included Glee alumni Jacob Artist, […]


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