Day: April 16, 2021

As public opinion moves towards creating sustainable alternatives, many companies have now shifted from harmful practices to apparent long-lasting solutions. Single-use plastic packaging has now become “biodegradable”, while a handful of corporations claim their products are “organic” and “vegan”. But how much of this sudden shift towards “greener” alternatives are true? Actually, what people don’t […]
Good for 4? We’ll be the judge of that. It’s always the worst feeling when you’re enjoying your side of Jolly Crispy Fries — crisp to the bite and soft to the core — then all of a sudden, you reach in and there’s nothing left. Or when you eat Jollibee with friends and one […]
Dried flower arrangements are all the rage now. With the push to become more sustainable and find longer-lasting things, flowers aren’t usually on the list. But now, instead of throwing away wilted bouquets, people have been finding a way to make dried flowers chic. Check out these local businesses for trendy dried flower arrangements! Floral […]


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