Day: April 24, 2021

The making of resin art has been a popular hobby nowadays, mostly due to its unique look and highly customizable contents. Resin, a liquid that can harden to become like plastic, is long-lasting and eco-friendly as decorative pieces around the home. Thus, local shops have taken to making resin bookmarks, bowls, keychains – basically resin […]
We all wish our pets could speak to us. Sometimes we wish for conversation, most of the time, we just want to know if our feline friends need something. Though we are more familiar with dog language, it can also come in handy to pay a little more attention to what our cats need. Here’s […]
On Monday, Netflix released the trailer for the second season of their Emmy-award-winning series, Love, Death & Robots, which apparently premieres on the streaming service next month.  Much like the science fiction anthology series’ maiden season, the trailer for the upcoming second season features a collage of stories covering a plethora of topics that are futuristic bordering […]
We’ve barely seen Ridley Scott’s upcoming biopic, The House of Gucci, take strides, but the film’s subject matter, members of the Gucci family, has already said that they’re not happy with it.  In an interview with Associated Press on Wednesday, April 14, Patrizia Gucci, the great-grandchild of Guccio Gucci expressed her concerns over the film going “beyond he headline-grabbing true-crime story […]


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