Day: April 25, 2021

Do you have a talent for whipping up delectable dishes in the kitchen? Well, you can monetize from your gifts by starting your own food business. It’s a great way to hone your talents while earning extra income (or even put up the newest hot restaurant in town. Who knows, right?) To help aspiring foodpreneurs […]
Do you always feel like you have nothing to wear? Don’t worry, because you’re definitely not alone. Spare yourself from the dilemma of putting together fresh casual looks on a daily basis with some fail-safe outfit combinations you can turn to as per You’ll look effortlessly put together without stressing yourself out.  READ: The […]
Setbacks and trials are a normal part of the journey called life, but you can opt not to let them get to you. According to, Nigerian Yale Law School graduate Seun Adebiyi had to set aside his Olympic dreams when he was diagnosed with lymphoma and leukemia. Despite this major setback, he’s overcome all […]
It’s not a bird… It’s bread! This is what a woman in Krakow who called animal control later found out, after the “creature” perched on a tree outside her home was discovered to be a piece of croissant. The caller was genuinely concerned about the welfare of her neighbors who have not been able to […]
Last year in 2020, when quarantine mandates and lockdowns began to take place, all of us sat at home during an unprecedented time of eating, watching, working, and sleeping — all in the same place. Most of us rejoiced at the fact that we would no longer have to make the drive to the office […]


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