Day: May 1, 2021

With great power comes great responsibility. You might recall this iconic quote from the OG Spider-man movie that was released almost 20 years ago (yes, it came out in 2002). It’s something a lot of people in leadership positions can relate to.  Being a leader presents itself with a lot of problems to begin, but […]
Let’s face it: early into the pandemic, when cabin fever kicked in, Animal Crossing was the coping mechanism that helped us make it through. The relaxing nature and the adorable characters of the social-simulation video game gave us a semblance of relief by imitating normal, day-to-day life – except we’re all anthropomorphic animals, but even that can be seen […]
Are you looking for an outlet to express your innermost feelings? If you’re the type to curate your Instagram feed with a certain aesthetic or theme, you might be hesitant to ruin your vibe. After all, most people post snippets of them living their best lives on the mega-famous app, right? That’s why you should […]
In partnership with FanLife Korean media has increasingly become a normal part of our lives. From music to TV and film, let’s face it — we love all things Korean! We especially love Korean film for its great production, expert artists, and overall ability to make us feel something. If you’re looking to watch a […]


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