Day: May 17, 2021

Food waste doesn’t seem like such a bad thing in many households. We forget about things, they spoil, and sometimes we just can’t finish such big servings. Whatever the reason, it’s important to know that food waste does, in fact, contribute to pollution and global warming. Every year, about 1.3 billion tons of food is […]
As you open this, we’re willing to bet that you’re sweating buckets, wiping just fast enough before another drop trickles down your skin. Either that, or you’ve left your air-conditioning unit on so you don’t have to.  Without a doubt, air-conditioners or ACs are our allies in our struggle against this scorching summer heat. However, […]
The Nickelodeon show “Legends of the Hidden Temple” is getting a reboot! The action-adventure game show from the early 90s was originally slated for a revival from Quibi, but the short-form streaming platform shut down in 2020 just a few months after its launch. But worry not, because the reboot is still happening care of […]
It’s been a very emotional start of the week for pageant-loving Pinoys as Philippine bet Rabiya Mateo fell short of advancing to the top 10 of the Miss Universe pageant. To add to this, a lot of fans were confused as to why Miss Mexico Andrea Meza was crowned the winner when other contestants bested […]
The meteoric rise of K-Pop’s popularity is both undeniable and unstoppable. That they have made an impact in the music industry would be an understatement, as several K-Pop groups have topped charts, broken barriers, and made history time and again — milestones which are both assisted and celebrated by their myriad of fans who have […]


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