Day: May 20, 2021

It’s safe to say that your choice of animal as a pet definitely says something about you as a person. While a vast majority of pet owners are dog and cat owners, there are other people who are more interested in birds, reptiles, and rodents. If you’re looking for a little clarity on what you […]
Ready to go back to high school? Ben Platt steps into the shoes of his Tony-winning titular role once again as Universal finally released the first theatrical trailer for “Dear Evan Hansen” on Tuesday.  The film follows the isolated and ill-at-ease Evan Hansen, who writes letters to himself as advised by his therapist. One of […]
A year into the pandemic, and everyone’s been missing having a sense of normalcy. However, the ongoing inoculation of the COVID-19 vaccines give hope that the end of this global crisis is on the horizon. Once you’ve gotten fully vaccinated though, what comes next? According to UNICEF, here are some things you should do after […]
Did you know that it’s expected to be as hot as 39 to 41 degrees Celsius in Metro Manila? That’s pretty intense, right? While you can get creative, and try some cheap ways to cool yourself, there’s nothing like keeping your cool with a portable air conditioner.  What’s great about a portable air conditioner is […]
Are you a fan of cheesecakes? The cold, cheesy treats are known to be extremely delicious and are especially great as a simple party dessert. If you didn’t know, there are actually many local bakers around the Metro that whip up the best cheesecakes. Cut down your delivery fees by knowing exactly where the best […]


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