Day: May 23, 2021

90,000 micro small & medium enterprises (MSMEs) have been forced to shut down amid the pandemic, according to the Department of Trade and Industry. As the pandemic wages on, unfortunately, more businesses will be affected by harsh lockdowns implemented nationwide.  While there are a lot of things that are not under one’s control, the question […]
Job interviews are one of the more difficult, nerve-wracking things we’ve had to do in life. The pressure of looking presentable and seeming knowledgeable, all while knowing that your source of livelihood is on the line, is like nothing else. That’s why it would do you good to check out a couple tips on how […]
Friends are the family who aren’t family, that we love and sometimes hate. The bond and relationship between friends is hard to explain — they’re just great. And apparently, having good friends is really good for you. Here’s what they offer: Good feelings Having friends around you is undoubtedly an instant mood booster and it’s […]
For more than a year, we’ve gone through numerous lockdowns and quarantines in the face of an unprecedented global pandemic. The travel industry took a particular hit, with many countries closing down borders to visitors. But now, with the hope of vaccines on the horizon, we could start to see vacation posts on Instagram in […]


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