Day: June 18, 2021

Though pet harnesses may all look the same, they’re actually not. Each harness has a special function that can help make your dog walks easier and more comfortable, for both you and Fido. Choosing a harness is a bit overwhelming, so we compiled a list of all the basic things you need to know. Read […]
Cycling is more than just fun and games — it’s a way of life! Economically, physically, mentally, and even environmentally, cycling gives so many ways to make life significantly better. Want to know what you can get out of cycling? Check the benefits out right here: You save money We know the initial investment to […]
Work culture these days has inspired endless quotes about the “grind,” emphasizing an individual’s necessity to be forever productive. This is commonly performed in the spirit of self-improvement and for the attainment of a successful life — or so they say. Unfortunately, the cost of this “hustle culture” is hefty. About 1/3 of people around […]
When it comes to mediums that will deliver an easily accessible and wide array of LGBTQ+ stories, webcomics are definitely the go-to. There are tons of webcomics online that tell compelling queer stories. Here are just a few that you should check out:  COMPLETED Circuits and Veins  The world of Circuits and Veins is one where androids […]
Sometimes, we’re just struck with an idea but we can’t execute it. Even if we’re willing to buy them, it’s so hard to look for something that’s exactly the same as what we want. A quick search on Google might help you find similar items, but it’s still not the thing we’re exactly looking for.  […]


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