Day: June 21, 2021

The long-awaited iCarly reboot finally premiered on Paramount+, releasing the first three episodes of the revival series last June 18. Many of the “where are they now” queries were covered in the initial episodes, and they definitely didn’t wait long before answering the question every fan has been wondering: Where’s Sam? It was confirmed pretty […]
When in Los Angeles, there’s nothing like visiting iconic landmarks such as the Hollywood sign, and of course, the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. From Audrey Hepburn to Michael Jackson, Snoop Dogg to Michael Bublé, a lot of household names have their names permanently immortalized in the streets of Los Angeles.  Well, it […]
It’s hard to beat ARMY when it comes to banding together to achieve a common goal, and once again, they prove that holds true beyond streaming goals and projects for BTS themselves. In their latest project, they managed to raise over P45,000 for a delivery rider who complimented the BTS Meal online. When the BTS […]
A Trese-themed shirt, an Alexandra Trese action figure, and — an actual giant Choc Nut? The Trese hype is very real and roaring. Whether fans are crooning with kilig over Trese’s kambal protectors Crispin and Basilio (or maybe Anton?), or debating whether Liza’s voice passed their stress test, Trese has undeniably taken over our collective minds in the past several days.  That’s why the […]
With all the online groceries available today, it can be tough to choose a store to shop for your essentials. One great online store to do so is at MiniMart.  Since the onset of the pandemic, MiniMart has paved the way for people all over Metro Manila to get their grocery shopping done at the […]


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