Day: July 16, 2021

Listen, we know sushi is as delicious as it looks. It’s also convenient and healthy, which makes it a perfect snack or meal for any time of the day. Unfortunately, many people don’t know that eating too much raw fish can actually make you sick in many different ways. Throw caution to the wind and […]
South Korean food and beverage company Nongshim is celebrating its 35th anniversary with the release of a new instant noodle variant: the Shin Ramyun Fried Noodles. The first-ever broth-free Shin Ramyun noodles will come with a special seasoning oil to give its curly noodles extra flavor and chewiness. They will also have more vegetables, mushrooms, […]
Damodar das Castillo brought home another top prize from an international music competition–this time from the Musica Goritiensis International Music Competition in Italy. The 13-year-old Filipino cellist won first place in the Category C of the Gorizia-based competition, which was held online from May 29 to June 2, 2021. Just like the Vienna-based World Orchestra […]


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