Day: July 19, 2021

Are you a huge fan of Korean movies? Well, you and your fellow Korean stans can binge on all the Korean films you want through GMovies, in partnership with Upstream, the country’s newest video-on-demand streaming service. One Korean flick you should definitely have on your radar is A Day, a Korean mystery thriller starring Kim […]
Did you know that one out of eight men get diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime? As per, six out of ten cases are men 65 years old and older. Given this startling statistic, it’s best to safeguard yourself and the men in your life from the dangers of prostate cancer. A type […]
Filipinos around the world will agree that there’s nothing quite like the taste of home. Filipino cuisine is famous for its diverse flavor, colorful presentation, and ability to make you feel at home. Whether you’re throwing a party or are in need of a little comfort, you can count on these local businesses to serve […]
Feeling down? Indulge yourself in a couple of classic girl power films to keep you feeling empowered and uplifted. From goddess-superheroes to bold, corporation-fighting lawyers, this movie list will have you rooting for all the heroines in the your life. Read on! A League of Their Own (1992) Who ever said that boys could do […]


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