Day: July 21, 2021

90s kids who have had to struggle with citations in their homework, don’t lie — you definitely know who Clippy is! Way before Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri become the voices of our all-around assistants, Microsoft’s Clippy was on-call to solve all our MS Office document dilemmas. The trusty office tool — which is literally […]
Thirty-four years after opening its first store in the United Kingdom, Gap will be closing down all its physical stores in the country by the end of September 2021. The American fashion retailer has been in the UK since 1987 and in Ireland since 2006. However, Gap is not really “exiting the UK market” since […]
You might’ve heard of the fast fashion retail brand Shein. TikTok is overflowing with Shein hauls, Facebook is littered with Shein adverts, and Shein is being touted as the future of fast fashion. The company itself is said to have raked in almost $10 billion – growing more than 100% in profits compared to its […]
Just a week before the start of the official games for the Tokyo Olympics, two athletes have already tested positive for COVID-19 inside the Olympic Village. Thabiso Monyane and Kamohelo Mahlatsi, both from the South African football team, have been isolated, along with others who were found to be in close contact with them. Mario […]


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