Day: August 26, 2021

Don’t you just hate it when your body aches all over the place after an intense workout? As per the survey of Rebel, 97% of people experience muscle soreness after exercising.  The in-house physical therapist of Rebel, Josh Manoharan, said that feeling sore after a workout is a sign you’ve used your muscles beyond how […]
Are we bidding to community quarantine soon? Before you plan your post-quarantine bash, you should know that the government is not ending lockdowns in the country per se. They’re simply changing things up. As per ABS-CBN News Online, the country might do away with regional or province-wide lockdowns in a looming “policy shift” to contain […]
When you introduce a new kitten into the home, it can feel like an entirely different experience. Any baby pet is sure to come with a lot of hardships and struggle, so we made a short list of some things you need to know. New kitten owners should… Go shopping Kittens are babies and babies […]
Amid the ongoing pandemic, the spread of fake news has been as dangerous as the virus itself. In response, social media giants such as Facebook have been stepping up the ante in their campaign to shut down pages that spread false claims about the pandemic.  It looks like video sharing platform YouTube is doing its […]


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